The First Fundraiser

A huge thank you goes out to our prize donors and everyone that took part in our raffle! We are humbled by the support and love that came our way and we can’t wait to hand this money over to PGS!

Our amazing kids saved $205 of their own money to donate, so it will be added to the total. The raffle numbers sold out and we raised $1200!! So the total we are giving PGS will be $1405. This is incredible and I know it will go a long way to help so many pets and their families!

We are meeting with a PGS volunteer on Sunday to give them our money and few other donations for their silent auction fundraiser happening next weekend.

Pawsitive Ground Search, we can’t thank you enough for everything! Here’s to more happy endings!

Rest in peace, little man!

The monetary donations are now in the hands of PGS and they are so grateful. Let’s hope for only happy endings from here on out!

We also donated a few things to their silent auction in Tango’s memory.

The donations for PGS silent auction.

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