Tango and Pawsitive Ground Search

Our first fundraiser Nov 2020

For those who don’t know the story, our sweet boy, Tango, an Italian Greyhound, was lost tragically after I trusted a family member and she did not listen to our instructions.

It started on a Wednesday in July, he was left safely in a crate in her air conditioned home in 30 plus degree weather, while we had our van in the shop and ran some errands before his post op vet appointment. This vet appointment was out of town for us, and there was no way I was leaving him in a vehicle in that heat.

We get a call not 30 mins after leaving that she took him outside and he escaped the yard, running on a newly repaired broken leg, we frantically searched for him, but had little hope because he really didn’t know the area.

We heard a suggestion from a nice gentleman that lived up the road to contact Pawsitive Ground Search, a group of volunteers who help find lost and missing pets. Within a few minutes of calling, I had a slew of volunteers helping me figure out posters to hang and pamphlets to hand out and within an hour we had people there helping us figure out the best way to get him home.

For 3 full days we had complete strangers out 24/7 looking for our boy. They set traps, they knocked on every door, they sat in their cars for hours day and night, just hoping to see some sign of him, they were all over that little town and no one that lived there didn’t know about him. They kept us updated through phone calls, texts and messaging, they kept social media updated and did so much for us. People we had never met before just giving us their time to help. We live 45 mins from where he was lost, so we were there when we could be and put as much of life on hold as we could, but even though it broke our hearts, we couldn’t stay the whole time, but these amazing volunteers were there and it helped so much just to know that!

Sadly, on the 3rd night, not long after a sighting, Tango was struck and killed by a car. So these strangers, along with my sister, took it upon themselves to go to the scene of the accident in the middle of the night to collect his poor, mangled body and cry with us.

I know that it hurt them that they couldn’t bring our boy home safe, but I am forever grateful for their efforts and their unwavering support, even weeks later when we were getting messages to check in on us. They go above and beyond, they are true animal lovers and just genuinely amazing people.

I want to help them help others get their pets home safe, but because of covid loss of income and vet bills and now with Christmas coming, I haven’t really had the extra money to be able to send them. They said they wouldn’t feel right taking a donation from us after the way things ended, but this is something I need to do to thank them for being so amazing and help make sure that other pets and their families get the happy ending that we didn’t.

We are doing a Buy A Number style raffle and I will update as we sell numbers. There will be 150 spots available. Draw date Nov 27th.

Numbers will be $10 each or 3 for $25. Drawing will be done by my kids and we will record or hopefully live broadcast on Instagram, if possible.

This will only be open to residents of Canada for logistical and monetary reasons, sorry folks.

1st prize will be a brand new Furbo dog nanny cam and treat dispenser.

Additional prizes will be:

Toys R Us brand Fetch ‘n’ Treat and a $50 Petsmart gift card.

Google Home Smart Speaker

‘I’m all ears’ tote bag. Generously donated by Jess, Ryan, Adelaide and Phoebe. @iggyadelaide @iggyphoebe @theiggyparents

Iggies not included
LED automatic on/off night light.

Win your choice of any 1 adult crewneck sweatshirt featuring an Italian Greyhound design.


A Golden Knight onesie in your iggy’s size.


Created and donated by our very talented daughter, Devyn.

9 x 12 inch canvas
6 × 8 inch mini canvas

*Prizes will be shipped at our expense if local delivery is unavailable.

All money raised will go to Pawsitive Ground Search South Simcoe County so that they can continue their amazing work and get more pets home safe. Their work is not limited to dogs, check out their Facebook page for more info or if you’d like to donate to them directly! If you do, please look up Tango in their group to see the posts about our sweet boy.

I would also like to, with permission, add the names of our donors and their pets to the card or letter that I send them and I will document it all for everyone to see.

Please message me if you’d like to buy numbers.

Please note that this is a private fundraiser that we decided to do for a cause close to our hearts and Pawsitive Ground Search is not affiliated with us or this raffle.


Special thanks to:

Debbie from Greytacres https://www.facebook.com/Greytacres-102241891687746/

Ryan and Jess, The Iggy Parents https://theiggyparents.com/ on Instagram @ iggyadelaide, @iggyphoebe

Lisa and Chelsea at Chelseaandme.com or on Instagram @ iggychelseaandme

IggyNala at Sleepy Racer for their donation. https://www.etsy.com/no-en/listing/856944394/italian-greyhound-outfit-onesie-golden @iggynala @sleepyracer.no

Devyn, our very creative daughter for her awesome pieces of art.